12 Simple Decisions to Make 2021 Better than 2020

Dated: December 31 2020

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It’s about time to turn the page on 2020. And thankfully so.

What should we expect for 2021? My wish is that things will begin to return to some resemblense of normal. But I’m not in control of the world, so how would I know for sure?

I am not in control of the world, however I am in control of myself… and you are in control of yourself. So even though we can’t control everything around us, we can control some things.

At the very least, we can control how we interact with the world around us. And many times, that makes all the difference.

To that end, in an effort to make 2021 a better year for everyone, here are 12 decisions we can all make as the new year begins:

1. Smile more.

I think we all miss seeing smiles in public spaces. Once the masks are off, decide to show more of those pearly whites every chance you get.

2. Complain less.

2020 was a year of dealing with life-and-death issues on an almost daily basis. In some ways, all the things we used to complain about seem so small now. So let’s decide to no longer complain about the small stuff.

3. Appreciate more.

I thought 2020 would be the year I got everything I wanted. Now I know 2020 was the year to appreciate everything I have. Decide now to carry that forward into 2021 and appreciate all the good around us in a more intentional way.

4. Connect more.

In 2020, we lost the ability to connect with others in-person—at coffee shops, churches, restaurants, concerts, sporting events, and even some family gatherings. Let’s never overlook the opportunity to connect with others again.

5. Own less.

When everything is taken away, we see what is most important. When it comes to recognizing what activities contribute to quality of life, accumulating physical stuff pales in comparison to the actual life-giving pursuits we are being forced to go without. Decide now to own less in 2021.

6. Encourage more.

2020 was a hard year for everyone! And all of us needed encouragement from time-to-time. Let’s give it freely in 2021—whether people ask for it or not.

7. Waste less.

Seems like we all learned the value of another day and another opportunity—because too many had their last one taken from them in 2020. Let’s decide now to not waste any day, any moment, or any amount of energy remaining.

8. Thank more.

Decide now to say “thank you” more often. You will be blessed, and the recipient will be blessed. Win-win.

9. Compete less.

One thing is for sure—we’re all in this world together. As a result, it’s too easy to see the world as competition against one another. Instead, let’s remember we’re on the same team, all trying to be the best versions of ourselves. If you want to compete, compete against who you were yesterday rather than the stranger down the street.

10. Understand more.

Not only was 2020 marked with a global pandemic and economic downturn, in many parts of the world (including my own) it was a year of political strife and division where a difference in opinion was often regarded as a difference in principle. It rarely is. Everyone will benefit—both sides—if we decide now to argue less and understand more.

11. Save more.

With the overnight shutdown/collapse of many businesses and a worldwide economy, 2020 showed the importance of having some financial savings in reserve. If you haven’t made saving a priority, decide to do it now. 

12. Love more.

Love your spouse. Love your kids. Love your friends. Love your co-workers. Love your neighbor. Love. The world needs more of it.

What does 2021 hold? I have no idea.

But with these 12 decisions as my resolutions for 2020, I’m ready for just about anything. Because life is more than the circumstances surrounding me.  And my wish for everyone that reads this is a year filled love, health and prosperity.

Randy and Wanda Hardee, Realtors

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12 Simple Decisions to Make 2021 Better than 2020

It’s about time to turn the page on 2020. And thankfully so.What should we expect for 2021? My wish is that things will begin to return to some resemblense of normal. But I’m not in

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