9 Things to Never, Ever, Ever Do to Your House

Dated: December 7 2020

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What may seem like a good idea, often isn't.

Here are 9 common mistakes new homeowners often make. 

1. Get Rid of Your Only Tub:  If resale value is important to you, don't get rid of your only bathtub no matter how dreamy that walk in shower looks.  It will make it harder to sell when the time comes.  You'll flat out lose buyers who love a good soak or need a tub to bathe little ones, both human and four legged.

2. Leave the Cabinet Doors on while Painting:  Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the home improvement projects that pays off big at resale...if done right.  It's a small investment for a big wow.  But it's a big job and time consuming and so tempting to leave the doors on.  RESIST at all costs.  The pros remove the doors, that should tell you want you need to know.

3. Put Starchy Food Down the Disposal:  Today's garbage disposals can handle more challenging foods that earlier models but starchy foods like potatoes, rice and oatmeal still stump them.  (I have to admit I am guilty of this in the past) Starchy foods clump when they hit water, clogging disposals and pipes.  

4. Plant a Tree to Close to Your House:  That your sapling just a few feet from your door seems so harmless...until it grows up.  (again I have learned this lesson the hard way, think damaged sewer lines)  Plant medium and large trees at least 30 to 50 feet from the house.  Put small trees, 30 feet or less, at least 8 feet, preferably 110 feet away from house.

5. Flush "Flushable" Wipes:  Sewer systems are facing a growing menace:flushable wipes. Despite the name, most don't disintefrate, even after 10 minutes(compared to a few seconds for toliet paper). Until a truly flushable wipe exists. don't flush them.  

6. Cover Wallpaper with Water Based Paint:  You don't have to remove that dated wallpaper - simply paint over it.  Just don't do it with water based paint, it can reactive the wallpaper glue and cause the paper to peel.  Instead use a oil based primer, let it dry completely and then apply latex paint over it. 

7. Paint Exterior Brick:  This is a biggie and we see homes, especially flipped homes, come on the market every day with a fresh coat of paint on the exterior brick.  Brick needs to breath and paint chokes it. Paint can destroy the brick and mortor and even cause the foundation to crumble.  If you just can't live with the brick color, try brick stain, which bonds with the brick allowing it to breathe.

8. Skip the Last Mow Before Winter: Leaving the lawn to tall gives mice and other rodents good cover from predators but at the same time gives them more access to work their way into your warm and cozy home during the winter.

9. Tear our Original Architectural Features: Custom millwork gives your home character, keep these detals intact if at all possible.  Buyers appreciate these one of a kind details.

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